Dog must be carefully trained to wear the pressure garment, especially if the dog is guarded or scared. Monitor the dog throughout the entire process.

1. Accustomization process

In the beginning, garment’s wear time should be short. Increasing wear time gradually. Accustomization period is unique; some do not require much time and for others it make take several days to feel comfortable. When wearing the garment for the first time, the dog must process new sensory sensations brought on by the product. A dog might shake extensively to ease tension, rub against surfaces or tumble when wearing the garment. Wearing the product might increase the need to urinate more often.

2. First use

Prepare well for the first wear. Do not put the garment on the dog without an accustomization process. Gradually put the garment on, one foot at a time. Reward the dog at the same time. When the garment is completely on the dog, continue rewarding the dog in an appropriate manner.

Activate the dog with calm, fun and easy tasks when wearing the garment for the first time. This will keep the dog’s focus off the garment. In the accustomization phase, the fun task ends when the garment is taken off.

3. Wearing the garment

Correct wear influences the effects of the garment. If the product feels uncomfortable or the wrong size, it might be put on incorrectly.
Put the garment on the dog gradually. It is easier if the handler is standing up and the dog is standing between handler’s legs with its head facing forward.

How to put on the vest:1.

  • Open the zipper and assistive hooks.
  • Insert front legs into the garment. If the dog’s paws are big, slip your own hand through the leg (from the outside in) and place the paw into your own palm. Slide your hand and the paw through the end of leg.
  • Fasten hooks and close the zipper.

How to put on the overall:

  • Open the zipper and assistive hooks.
  • First insert front legs into the garment. If the dog’s paws are big, slip your own hand through the leg (from the outside in) and place the paw into your own palm. Slide your hand and the paw through the end of leg.
  • Fasten the assistive hook on the neck. Then insert hind legs into the garment.
    4. Fasten the assistive hook at the back and close the zipper.

4. Wearing the pressure garment

Wearing the garment should be a positive and safe experience for the dog. Actual wear, to support training or performance, can begin only after the dog has been properly accustomed to wear the product. Effects of the garment are unique and can vary throughout the use. Continuous use of the garment is safe and it has no effect on any medications that might be used at the same time. Monitor the dog to discover its optimal circumstances for using and utilizing the pressure garment. Other vests and jackets can be worn on top of the pressure garment.

  •  Try to use the product preventively and only when needed
  • In behavioural issues it is recommended to put the garment on 30 to 60 minutes prior exposing the dog to the trigger causing unwanted behaviour (e.g. fireworks, travelling or thunder).
  • Sporting and working dogs can wear the pressure garment during or after the performance
  • If the product is worn continuously day in day out, there is a chance that the dog will get too accustomed to the feeling of pressure (ie. mechanoreceptors in the skin do not get enough sensory variation) and the effects of the pressure garment can fade. However, it is OK to use the garment daily, if needed.
  • Be very careful when the dog is exposed to triggers while wearing the pressure garment; the dog cannot associate the garment with anything negative.

Compression overall for sighthound breeds

  • Compression overall is designed to boost recovery and speed up metabolism. At the same time the product does have other favorable effects on the dog.
  • Compression overall is not meant to be used for long periods of time.
  • It is recommended to use the overall for 1 to 2 hours after performance, e.g. during a walk. The garment can be used prior to performance to soothe the dog and activate metabolism.
  • Overall has built-in compression, even in the legs, to enhance recovery. There are no anatomical constructions in the legs of the compression overall.

Musculoskeletal support and post-operative use

  • Use of the garment is determined by the dog’s care personnel
  • Begin use immediately after operation

Using a wet pressure garment

  • The product can be used wet during swimming or rainy weather
  • If the product has been used during swimming, it is recommended to wash the garment in a washing machine right after use.


Warranty does not cover break-down caused by the dog or normal wear of the product. In the case of possible manufacturing errors, please contact your Lymed retailer first.

Life happens – especially with dogs! If you’re experiencing some wear and tear in your product, contact your retailer and send the garment in for a repair. For a minor fee we are able to fix all seams, zippers and holes.


A clean and well-maintained product will keep its qualities longer. It is recommended to wash the garment in a washing machine as often as possible – or at least when it gets dirty – in a 40°C cycle. Frequent wash prolongs the lifetime of the product.

  • Wash in a washing machine, 40°C, inside out.
  • Use a mild soap which does not contain enzymes, bleach, optical brighteners or strong fragrances.
  • The use of fabric softener or a laundry detergent containing fabric softener is not allowed.
  • Only line dry, dry flat or tumble dry (at low temperatures) are allowed. Do not wring dry. Do not dry in sunlight.
  • Use a washing bag and close all possible zippers/fasteners prior to washing.
  • Wash with similar colors. Colors may fade or bleed.