Finnish made-to-measure garments for canines

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Use of pressure garments on animals is a research based yet relatively new approach to animal welfare. Pressure garments can serve as a versatile and non-pharmalogical tool for all individuals and professionals interacting with animals. Pressure treatment can be used for e.g. enhancing proprioseptics or improving recovery after performance, medical operation or stress.

  • Pacify
  • Improve concentration
  • Recovery after performance
  • Musculoskeletar problems and pain management
  • Training tool
  • Post-operative use

Lymed Dog products


  • Recommended primarily for majority of needs
  • Accustomization process to a vest is generally rather fast
  • Used in e.g.: treatment of phobias, pacifying, to increase concentration, mental recovery through enforced calmness
    and behaviour training

    • Recommended especially to treat rear-end
    • An overall can produce an enhanced physical recovery
    • Accustomization process will most likely be a bit longer


  • Harder, progressive pressure
  • To boost metabolism and jump start recovery after performance
  • Meant to be used for a shorter period of a few hours
  • Lymed Dog product traits


    • Can be used under all harnesses, collars and jackets
    • Pressure garments can be used during swimming or in rainy weather
    • Machine wash, tumble dry allowed
    • Several options for colors