Lymed has made world’s first medical pressure garment for a camel. Together with its partners, Lymed has started to explore the effects of medical pressure garments in racing dromedaries in relation to their systematic training and recovery. One of the main goals of the study is to find out what effects Lymed garments have on metabolism and what role metabolism plays in the recovery process of camels.

Camels are endurance athletes with a physique that is built for challenges. Like all top athletes, camels need a proper training program, diet and follow-ups. Camel care is based on thousand-year-old traditions that most often do not support organized training. Lymed and a Finn-Qatar company Comremed, along with a group of Finn researchers, have being doing international pioneer work to increase the well-being of camels.

The study looks into the effect of pressure garment during performance, monitoring HR, HRV, temperature and other indicators of cell and muscle damage.

At this stage Lymed Camel ™ products are successfully in use with young camels as training tools and for pacifying purposes.

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