Lymed manufactures pressure garments and medical aids. Lymed’s products are designed to help people in their daily living. Lymed also manufactures pressure garments for dogs, horses and camels.

Lymed was founded in 1993. The goal was to design and develop pressure garments in co-operation with burn centers, research institutes and professional health care personnel. The key to Lymed’s success has been its emphasis on product development. Over the years Lymed has been awarded with several innovation and design awards.

For a medical aid manufacturer this is very rare.

Finnish Textile & Fashion – Honorable mention 2018
Lymed received an honorable mention from the Finnish association for Textile & Fashion on November 28th, 2018. “Lymed’s products are innovative health textiles. They show how textiles can be used to promote well-being and healing. These types of products are needed world-wide”

A’Design Award 2016 Silver – Lymed Dog ™
Lymed was honored with the famous Silver A’ Design Award in Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design Category. he A’ Design Accolades are organized and awarded annually and internationally in multiple categories to reach a wide, design-oriented audience.

2016 German Design Award Special Mention – Lymed Sport™
The German Design Award is the international premium prize of the German Design Council. Its goal is to discover, present and award unique design trends.

Red Dot Design Award 2014 – Lymed Sport™
The Red Dot jury recognizes companies all over the world who have produced fascinating, design-worthy products.

Quality Innovation of the Year 2013– Lymed Sense™
Laatukeskus Excellence Finland chooses yearly recipients of the award in different categories. The criteria is a high level of innovation and utmost quality of the product.

Entrepreneurial Technology Award 2013– Lymed Oy
The Technical Society of Tampere gave homage to Lymed Oy with an Entrepreneurial Technology Award. The Technical Society highlighted Lymed’s ability to innovate in a level which transcends across different industries, their growth and great percentage of export.

2010 BLS ILF Joint Award to Industry for Innovation in the Treatment of Lymphoedema – Lymed Compression™
A British Lymphoedema Society and International Lymphoedema Framework joint award for custom-made compression garments for children.