Custom-made pressure garments for animals

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Custom made pressure garments for dogs


Custom made pressure garments for horses


Custom made pressure garments for camels

What are compression garments used for?

Recovery for working and hobby dogs

In support of calming

Training for undesirable behavior

Sparky, long-haired Dachshund

Yoko, Australian Shepherd bitch

Lymed Oy

Lymed is among the last resilient Finnish textile industry companies, crafting its products meticulously by hand in its own factory, with a commitment to high-quality Finnish craftsmanship. The distinctive touch of Lymed’s skilled artisans is evident in every product they create – find the imprint of Lymed’s craftsmen in every garment!

What is a pressure garment?

Pressure therapy implemented with compression garments is a medical treatment method that can be used to address various illnesses and issues. Users of compression garments may include burn patients, chronic pain sufferers, individuals with swelling problems, cancer patients, as well as those with conditions such as CP, paralysis, autism, and hypotonia, and even animals.

Why custom-made?

Lymed manufactures all Lymed Animal products on a made-to-measure basis. In custom-made products, the pressure exerted by the garment can be more precisely determined than in standard-sized products. Studies conducted with compression garments for humans suggest that therapeutic goals are effectively and safely achieved only with custom-made pressure products, without negative physiological effects.