Lymed Horse ™


Lymed Animal™ garments are built with same principles for horses as they are for dogs. Lymed Horse suits are individually designed for the desired purpose and to fit the horse’s anatomy and use. The biggest benefit of the suit is its ability to enhance metabolism.  Lymed Horse™ products are used to minimize swelling caused by travelling or trauma.

Lymed’s Horse garments are always custom-made, which is safe and effective. Horse is measured and around 70 measurements are taken to ensure the fit. Lymed Horse pressure garment combines even pressure and compression. Compression decreases towards the midsection of the animal. Legs are made with special design features to prevent swelling.

Lymed Horse™ consumer line is in its final stages and we are looking for suitable distributors for the future. Lymed Horse™ consumer line launch date will be informed later on.

Lymed Horse™ garment fitting (blue outfit) with pararider Katja Karjalainen and her horse Toope (Woikoski High Flow)