Lymed Dog ™


•  Pacify

•  Improve concentration

•  Recovery after performance

•  Musculoskeletal problems, pain management

•  Training tool

•  Post-operative scar management and prevention of edema 


Pressure garments are used to calm the animal and improve concentration, even during performance, and support recovery after stressful events. Products are well suitable to be used in assisting recovery after performance or work.

Lymed Dog ™ products can be used to affect different neurological disorders. Indications for Lymed Dog™ products might be, e.g., sound sensitivity, fears, anxieties and hyperactivity.

With Lymed Dog ™garments we are able to affect the muscle tone of the animal, having thus an effect on body control. Garments can relieve acute or chronic pain and aid post-operative recovery.

Pressure garment is a good training tool for dogs. When used correctly, and depending on the case, a pressure garment can support the training process by leveling out extreme reactions and feelings. Using Lymed Dog ™ pressure garments in training situations requires effort from the handler. The actual use, for example as a training tool or performance enhancer, can begin only after the dog has been accustomized to the garment properly.

Lymed Dog ™ users can include sports and recreational dogs, service and guide dogs, detection and rescue dogs as well as police canine units.

Lymed Dog ™ product line includes separate compression garments for racing sighthounds. The products have a harder, progressive pressure level that is designed to enhance metabolism. Sighthound products are meant to be used for a short period of time and only right after race performance to boost the recovery process.