Case examples

Yoko, 6 yrs – Australian Shepherd bitch
Pressure garments in use since summer 2015

Yoko has stressed loud noises and stranger’s talking her all life. The behavior got worse when she was sterilized in 2013. Stress behavior and barking would be triggered when strangers came into another room that Yoko was in, or when she heard doors closing or people talking outside of the house. Yoko stayed in a stressful mindset for a long period of time and then even the littlest sound made her bark. During thunder and New Year’s Yoko got worse. She went to hide and panted heavily. She even sometimes peed herself and had a great need to be very close to her owner.

Yoko tried her first pressure garment at Lymed, Tampere. Yoko’s reaction to it surprised me. Yoko was wearing the garment for about 15 minutes when she calmed down and came to be next to my feet in completely unfamiliar surroundings. After a little while Yoko got her own garment and I started the accustomization process. She clearly felt something during her first times. She rubbed herself against the walls and spasmed out a bit. After the garment had “set itself” on Yoko, she calmed down. After several uses Yoko can clearly utilize the garment better.

She still spasms out and rolls over and around the first few minutes when she’s dressed. Yoko is so calm with the garment that she no longer pays attention to things that used to scare her. Yoko is never tired when she has the garment on.

Nowadays the garment is used on Yoko during thunder. She has stopped reacting to the thunder in the way she did before. She will lift her head when she hears it, but she doesn’t pant, pee inside or show signs of extreme stress. She can even go outside to pee in a small, contained area. Yoko’s garment is also used to observe her and her reactions. Yoko moves better with the garment and it seems that it eases her existence.

Maija Hietanen, dog trainer